Frequently Asked Support Questions

Creating a new email inside Email CopyDyno is simple.

Just follow the steps below:

Log in with your user credentials

Click on Create New Emails

Select the type of email you want to write

​​Choose the tone (if applicable for the email type)

​Answer the questions that show up


Click on Create Email Sequence


You can edit the created email to make it 100% perfect.

After your editing, click on SAVE to save it to your account with the software.

You can also export the email to PDF by clicking the EXPORT button.

If you have already set up your Email Services, then you can easily send the emails to your email service, by clicking on the Email Service set as your default.

In the course of creating a new email with Email CopyDyno, you will answer some questions.

You can reuse the answers to create a new email. This will save you time.

To do this, go to SAVED ANSWERS

​​Identify the particular answer you want to use, and click the CREATE EMAIL link beside it.

​​You can also clone an answer by clicking on the icon shown below.

​​You can also change the name which you used in saving the answer. Just click on the icon as shown below and you'd change it with ease


You can send your created emails directly to your Email Service without having to do it manually.

To do this, you will need to integrate your preferred Email Service that's available on the platform currently.

Here's how to do this:

Click on Integrations


Look for your preferred Email Marketing Platform and click on Connect

​​Follow the prompts on the screen to connect your platform

​​When done, click on Make Default


If this is done right, you should be able to send your emails straight to your email marketing platform with one click

Got Questions?

No problem, we are available to answer you quickly. 

Just send an email to and our dedicated support team will get to you.

12 Months Road Map

Integration to autoresponders

You can easily send your emails to your autoresponder without manually copying and pasting it

New email types

added according to popular demand


with team members on any email project you are working on

Earn points

The ability for users to earn points by referring other people to the software. The points can be used to renew your subscription or redeemed as cash

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